Tuesday, September 14, 2010

to do list

ok, Veron has sent me the TO DO LIST. I am happy to announce that the minus 2nd point has already been accomplished.


-2. buy new countertops and have them cut to the right size (one for the countertop, one for the kitchen table)

-1. calculate everything (how many square meters of laminate floor and paint for the furniture and the walls are needed)

0. select and buy the laminate floor, the paint, the tools (paint rollers, brushes, gloves, painter's tape, etc.)

1. clear the room of all movable items and prepare the surfaces we want to paint

2. cover everything we don’t want to paint

3. hop on the ladder and paint the kitchen wall

4. while the walls are drying, paint the cupboards

5. prepare the tiles

6. paint the tiles

7. put down the under lament for the flooring

8. install the laminate floor

9. remove the old countertop and the kitchen table top

10. install the new countertop and the new kitchen table top

11. remove the old lamp, install the new lamp

12. clean the place and marvel at the beauty of the new kitchen

I'm sure there will be some tough challenges popping up on the way but looking at this list I have the feeling it is a doable plan.

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