Sunday, September 12, 2010

the decision

the decision was made months ago; I just had to call Veron to make it official and at the same time to make her join me. it's about the kitchen makeover project.

I am not a housewife, not even a wife, I am not a good cook, I am not rich, and I don't have time for anything and I don't know anything about makeover projects. I'm not good at DIY or keeping stuff organised or neat and I don't have famously good taste either. I live with my man in a 35-square-meter (375-square-feet) flat in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. I moved here exactly eight months ago and I still haven't been able to transfer my books and clothes here completely (= about 5 percent of my books are here and about 40 percent of my clothes have made it). and I keep buying more clothes and more books so we are constantly fighting things around us. or at least trying not to tread on them.

the kitchen is a slightly different issue. it's not only short of storage space but it's also rundown and damn ugly. so I've decided to dissolve this depressing combination and do something at least about the look of the place. I have not much money for the whole thing, but as I am self-confident and hungry for success, I want to create a spectacular difference between the now and the would-be. and because I'm a minus-10-level beginner in makeover projects, I made that call and asked for Veron's help.

Veron is my friend. we met eleven years ago when we started our PhD studies together. Veron graduated with flying colours and since has written a book about Shakespeare Behind the Iron Curtain that was published in the States. I haven't finished my thesis and there's not one day that passes without me thinking of it. the fact that I think of it everyday did not stop the University from terminating my PhD student status after the final, finaler, and finalest deadlines passed, thus trimming my hopes for an academic future and making my parents deeply disappointed in me. still, in theory, I haven't given up. we'll see what theories are worth.

so Veron, besides being a devoted academic in the field of English Renaissance studies here in Hungary, is a great friend. and a great home-lover with precious kitchen makeover skills (not to mention her kitchen skills). me and her, we are a great team. I'm funny and energetic, she is funny, energetic, and knows what to do.

about the blog. I used to write a blog about myself, my time in New York City, my then-boyfriend, my ever-friends such as RsB aka Rosemary's Baby and my feverishly opinionated family members. it was six years ago, the blog was popular and then slowly died. it was also in Hungarian, the only language the devil respects, or at least this is what someone told me once. now I'm doing this in English because most of the people I know respect English as well.

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