Monday, September 27, 2010

final days, After pictures

it was tense. first of all, the deadline was a real deadline. (typically, in Hungarian, "deadline" is made up by the words "limit" and "time" and has nothing of the fatal seriousness of the English version) but in our case it was serious: I had to leave on Sunday morning. Friday night, when I got home from the TV Awards with my man, the living room was the manifestation of some primordial chaos; there was simply everything and this everything was everywhere. the fridge, the micro, the oven, the washing machine, the plates and forks and the forty-two mugs, chair and kitchen table; they were all piled up on 15 square meters. the only space we could move about was on the top of the bed. I don't like chaos but I can handle it somehow. my man, on the other hand, was upset and in ruins. not to mention the kitchen, which was also far from being ready. the baseboards were missing, the cupboards weren't ready, and the whole thing was still just an empty space without the furniture and the fridge and all. and then I woke up very early on Saturday, finished painting the cupboards, and called Peti to the rescue. he arrived with another guy, Józsi, and the two of them put the kitchen things back to the kitchen and laid the baseboards. I don't know if you know this but that was the hardest part. I watched them closely, so maybe next time I'll be able to do the baseboards alone. by 5pm, Peti and Józsi were gone and we could start cleaning up the whole flat. it took us 3 hrs. we had to be fast and efficient because I'd invited my parents, my sister, my man's mom and, of course, my partner in crime, Veron, to celebrate. they came and fell into happy hysteria how beautiful it all came out.

it is beautiful. I'm happy we persevered to the end. it was 6 days, and, well, about the budget, the final amount was 135.000 HUF (655 USD) but it included the new water heater. and here are the pictures. it is still not 100% ready, there are a few finishing touches missing (like dealing with rogue cables and buying a new curtain), but the bulk of the work has been done. take a look at this for maximum Before-After effect.


maybe you can see more of the kitchen without us sitting in the middle of it

I kind of miss the weird tiles [not]

I like tea

A Whiter Shade Of Blue
("why, what's your problem? it is symmetrical, you can say you did it on purpose", Peti said in a comforting, sincerely positive tone.

the lamp is KROBY from IKEA and cost 20 USD

the kitchen table we can use from now on for working on the computer here

brown on blue on brown

fridge magnets to show you how cool we are, me and my man

hah! a reminescence of the weird tiles!! isn't it cool? they are still here with us,
in a very subtle, subversive way

and now, it's goodbye from us. let us know if you need any kitchen makeover advice, we are here to help and give emotional support.

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