Friday, September 24, 2010

laminate flooring, my friend

this day, Day 4, has been the most exhausting and the most challenging so far. the morning I spent sitting in the car in a 90-minute traffic jam, on my way to get the second can of paint (remember? the one that changed from blue to white) I started to drive a few months ago and driving is still the source of unending thrills for me. this time my steering wheel got locked and I didn't understand why I was unable to turn the key in the ignition. after a few panicky attempts at turning the key, I asked a passerby if he could help me out. the red-haired guy was nice and/but condescending, "it's a typical mistake women make", he whispered to himself (= to me) while turning the key and jiggling the wheel back and forth. but it worked and I felt like Jessica Lange sitting on the palm of King Kong. "thank you, my saviour, thank you", I said with a trembling voice and then rushed to IKEA to ask if they had found the wall panel I had lost the day before. they did, I did leave it at the store. and they promptly sold it to someone else and they had no more left. at least I got my money back.

in the afternoon, we embarked upon laying the laminate flooring. we rolled out the underlayment pad, and laid down the planks, Tetris-style, one by one, cutting them to the appropriate size with a coping saw I'd borrowed from Aron the other day. at the edges we used spacers (nice blue spacers) to get the gap of 1 cm, this is where the baseboards would be. sounds simple but it wasn't easy. we started from the wrong corner, we mixed up what glue to use and then we didn't use it at all because we couldn't get it out from its tube and we broke its applicator. 5 hours later, at the end, we were just sitting on the brand new, dark brown floor, laughing at the fact that I almost chopped off Veron's finger. we were too tired to stand up, or utter sentences, for that matter. we just wanted to sit there and laugh.

our lucky charm, the gigantic spider. Hungarians believe spiders bring luck to one's home. my sister, for example, hates them.

the underlayment pad

Miss Precision

I thought it would work. the glue, I mean.

it didn't.

introducing Aron's coping saw

we are happy here because we still don't know
this was not the corner we should have started with.

Veron is pleased with the fact she hasn't lost any of her fingers after all.

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