Wednesday, September 22, 2010

money don't cost a thing

180 USD. hahaha.

as you all know you are dealing with a beginner here so you will excuse me my unbridled naivete. first lesson learned: if you are about to redecorate a space as small as this one (about 8 square meters), you are bound to end up with as much paint, adhesive primer, baseboard and all other stuff as a 15-square-meter room needs. they don't sell small quantities. the other thing, of course, is where you buy stuff.

here we are with Veron in Praktiker, the local store of the German home improvement chain. it was bloody expensive. only amateurs go there: ham-handed, decent family men or enthusiastic, middle-aged teenagers like us. I could have guessed it would be a rip-off because I couldn't see any professional home improvement workers strolling around. on top of everything, the friendly shop assistant recommended us sandpaper 60 and then accidentally sold us sandpaper 40 which couldn't do the work so we had to run out and buy new ones in the middle of Day 2.

the bottom line is that our budget will be at least twice as much as we originally planned. we'll see. actually, we have also decided to buy some extra shelves from IKEA and an electric water heater because the old one tended to scorch my eyebrows every time I turned it on. it's all extra costs.

on a different note: I hate it when I get up early to watch Columbo and I have to realise I've already seen this episode. (fun facts for early morning: did you know Peter Falk is grandson to Hungarian Falk Miksa?)

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