Monday, September 13, 2010

sense of duty

this afternoon as I was waiting for the elevator a voice loud and clear said "sense of duty". and then "commitment". the words came from behind the locked door of one of the ground-floor apartments. I knew that voice; it was the unemployed husband of the janitress and I cannot possibly tell about what and to whom he was talking. I swiftly jumped into the elevator and contemplating those heavy words echoing in my ear I remembered that I should post an update about the project.

lo and behold. here are the before pictures of our kitchen:

granite/faux marble (?) countertop used for the kitchen table

white tiles alternating weird tiles
(thanks to a handsome water meter installed some time later than the weird tiles)

I love the lamp even if I can hardly see it stuck in the corner behind stuff

now here is the other half of the granite/faux marble (?) countertop

weird tile galore

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